1. crystalline-:

    Stevie Nicks performs in Atlantic City, July 15, 2012.

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  2. goldduststevie:

    Anon request: (in the IYD doc) after “Annabelle Lee” they show this beautiful picture of Stevie before going into the dialogue of the next song. Do you have that photo or any from that shoot and the story/time frame.

    I don’t have the actual picture they show, I still have to screencap it, but they never show the whole picture and this kind of annoys me. This first pic from the set is the most similar to the pic from the doc, the others are all from the same set.

  3. naughty-bruce:

    Bruce Springsteen: just your average 64 year old

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  4. colormevictoria:

    Bruce & Patti in Cannes today

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  5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, 2014.

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  6. strandinthewind:

    Such a beautiful smile

  7. goldduststevie:

    Stevie receiving the BMI Icon Award at the 62nd Annual BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills last night.

  8. goldduststevie:

    Stevie after receiving her BMI Icon award.

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    The Siren is a student-produced publication at UNC-Chapel Hill that promotes a feminist perspective on issues surrounding gender, identity, sexuality and human rights.

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  10. imkindofanexception:

Stevie Nicks solo discography gif


    Stevie Nicks solo discography gif

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  12. "You should never be embarrassed by your trouble with livin’"
    Bright Eyes (Laura Laurent)

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  13. Watch: Conor Oberst debuts seven songs from new solo album Upside Down Mountain»


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